Your Work and Living Options in Australia after the Student Life

lavorare in australia

If you are an international student graduating in Australia, this is the time when you must plan ahead for the best job opportunities in the country. The sunny weather, beautiful beaches, relaxed atmosphere, and the solid economy makes it not just one of the most flourishing places in the world to live, but also makes for a desired job destination for the international graduates.

Although Australia is a huge country with over 600,000 international students studying at various universities across Australia, the demand of jobs is also increasing with equal pace leading to a 4months wait period before you could find a permanent work. Considering that’s a pretty long wait for one to survive in an expensive country like Australia, you must research on the skills and occupations that are high in demand as your future planning that can help you get the best job in the country.

Visa Requirements 

If you are resident outside of Australia and wish to work in the country after you have graduated, you would now need a work visa before your study visa lapses. Without a work visa you have no chance in Australia, so, if you want your dream job in the country, explore your visa options at

For a graduating international student, the most common type of work visa is the Temporary Graduate Visa. Using this you can stay for upto 18 months in Australia to gain the much-needed experience. Post-graduate students are allowed to stay in Australia for upto four years.

Useful Tips on How to Get a Job in Australia 

Possible language barrier, anticipated expenses for getting a visa, or the lack of work experience in the local scenario, are some of the reasons that can become a hurdle for the international students to secure a job in Australia. However, among all the challenges, it’s still possible to grab your dream job if you know what’s right.

  1. Start exploring early 

Waiting till the last day of graduation to start exploring your job opportunities can prove disastrous for your dreams. Given that you have to compete with the highly experienced local students, it would be smarter decision to start exploring opportunities while you are studying.

This on the job-training will not just help you with valuable knowledge and networks, but will also open the doors of job opportunities for you. 

  1. Engage with the social circle

 Getting involved in the social circle like the groups and societies in the universities will not only help you connect with the other students, but will also keep you updated on the latest career opportunities. Bonus – you will also develop skills and interests outside your course. So, get out of that comfort zone and be a part of the extra-curricular activities.

  1. Take your job hunting seriously 

Job hunting is equally important as a full-time job and so, treat it like that. Securing a permanent role in Australia requires sending a minimum of 50 job applications usually. Considering that some of these applications remain unanswered, it’s good to be steady. You can also try following up with the employers to find out if they received your application and tap the responses accordingly. 

  1. Be prepared to move 

Remember, that the competition is at its peak in the capital cities and so, you may need to move to a secondary city for better scope of work. Keep your options open and be prepared to move across the region. This will help you secure a job much easily among lower competition. 

  1. Seek career support services 

Take advantage of the career support services offered in your university and get help to prepare a professional resume, attend workshops on interview methods, and get assistance on developing your skills and poise. Career fairs are another great opportunity to build your network with potential recruiters and employers.

There are job opportunities galore in Australia, but the first thing you would need even before you start your journey for a future career in the country is a work visa which you can acquire from  Moreover, given that it’s a competitive market and the companies seeking employees to make a marked contribution to the business, you would need to plan ahead for a successful career in future in Australia.

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