The shoe trend for 2022: always look fashionable!

This 2022 is coming on strong, and never better said! The year has just started and we're already thinking about what shoes are going to be in fashion. Luckily, variety characterises shoe fashion this year.

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What shoes are trending this 2022?

1. Platform. Don't be scared of extra centimetres this season and try these platforms. If it's cold, you can combine them with tights or socks and you'll be totally on trend.

Heeled sandals. Wear them casually with jeans and a T-shirt, or with a more elegant look with a dress or skirt. By the way, who said they're not suitable for winter? Combine them with a pair of tights and that's it!

3. Platform sandals. If you're looking for a lot of height and a touch of colour, choose these platforms. You can wear them with socks to keep you warm and look great.

4. Biker ankle boots. Now we have the perfect shoe for your winter outfit. They give height if you wear them with a platform and they are cool. There are a thousand models in the shops, so you can choose the one you like the most.

5. Ankle boots with coloured soles. Rubberised ankle boots with track soles are trendy and look great with skinny jeans and a wide jumper.

6. Chelsea ankle boots. White footwear continues to be a hit and will look great with a black suit for a black & white ensemble that works for any occasion.

7. Knee-high boots. Pair your dresses with tall boots in beige, black and brown.

8. High heeled boots. If you're not much of an ankle boot person, try this knee-high style. Add it to your wardrobe if you're looking for a good basic boot – this black suede pair will never go out of style!

9. Leather cowboy boots. A good brown suede cowboy boot is a staple. Tell me if you're not looking: a dress, a good coat, subtle (or not so subtle) make-up and these boots. 

10. Slippers. In winter it's good to wear these shoes all day long. Besides, your feet will thank you for being so comfortable and warm. I assure you that you won't take them off even at home.

11.Slippers with fur. They look like slippers, but they're not. These slippers will be your best ally to go out in style.

12.Plush sandals with straps. You might find it hard to wear them with your outfit, but try wearing a cute sock and straight jeans. You'll change your mind.

13. Moccasins: Did you wear a uniform to school? Moccasins were the shoe par excellence and then you could combine them with everything. Go back to your old self and join the trend.

14. Gathered loafers. This season, go for a smart, smart look with this basic pair of loafers. They go with everything and are a classic.

15. Jewelled loafers. If you're worried about height and elegance, add a little platform to complete the look. Don't tell me this doesn't also go with risky make-up!