Psychological impact of male sexual dysfunctions

The erectile dysfunction is a disorder of the genital sphere consisting in the inability to reach and maintain the erection of the penis, even if in the presence of normal sexual urges. / strong>
This is a problem that presents a rather large epidemiology, with a marked increase linked to age: in fact, from the age of 40 it is quite frequent, even if there are cases at a young age.
Premature ejaculation is a disorder that falls within the sphere of male sexual dysfunctions, consisting in the achievement of orgasm with emission of spermatic fluid in excessively short times and in any case such as not to allow full satisfaction to the partner.
Both of these disorders cause a very profound emotional impact on both men and women, often triggering couple issues.

There are some remedies for premature ejaculation which, being a psycho-somatic disorder, requires treatments aimed primarily at the subject’s emotional sphere.
Among the pesticides, preparations based on valerian officinalis, a mild sedative that attenuates emotional tensions have proved to be effective.
Also passionflower and hawthorn are usually used, often in the form of a phytocomplex that acts on the component of performance anxiety.
There are also food supplements that contribute to improving the psycho-physical well-being of the individual, by acting on both the organic and psychological components.