Matteograssi becomes Made in Italy’s ambassador, for furniture to love

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Foreigners love Italy. They admire its landscapes, culture, food. Design then is a symbol of great quality and creativity that makes of Made in Italy one of the most recognized brands all over the world: a huge source of pride for the Bel Paese.


Italians have a complicated and contradictory relationship with their Country.


During the month dedicated to love and lovers, matteograssi, with a journey across its products designed by Italian creative talents and made ​​with Italian care and attention, reminds the world the reason why Italy is a Country to love and convinces Italians to appreciate their own land with both its strengths and weaknesses . However we Love Italy, We are Made in Italy.

matteograssi proposes a journey to rediscover the Italian contemporary talents exploring its universe of expertise: design. The first stage is represented by Orfeo table designed by Matteo Nunziati . An elegant piece of furniture with precious  and curvy legs covered in leather or coach hide. Orfeo has a dual soul, and is perfect for the kitchen as well for the living room.

The second stop is called Elisa, designed by Luigi Massoni. Conceived in 2000 , this chair is completely covered in leather or coach hide. It perfectly represents Italian craftsmanship, being made ​​entirely by hand. For this reason, you may have it as you prefer: white, red, yellow, blue, white, with arms or without arms. There are many colours to satisfy every taste.

The third proposal is represented by Nirvana sofa, designed by Franco Poli. The name was chosen for a very specific reason: the seat is so comfortable that allows you to achieve inner peace .

The next stage of this journey in the world of matteograssi Italian design will lead you to the discover Medusa. Designed by renowned architect Piero Lissoni, it is a comfortable and elegant armchair. It comes from an innovative idea, with the intention to create an intimate and alluring atmosphere: the seat is actually almost resting on the ground. The backrest is available in both high and low version, to encourage conversation of a couple or of a group of people.

Our journey leads finally to the most recent project, by the young designer Stefano Bigi. Matteograssi presented last year the Trium table, with glass top and angled legs covered in leather. Here’s how Stefano Bigi sees his creations : ” The sensual design of the legs is sublimated by a game of meticulous stitching that make this item unique. Ideal for the more refined interior, these tables will find their rightful place in the environments of those who have the sense of detail and love beauty. ”

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