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Discover the 6 fashion trends for the spring-summer 2022 season!

With spring almost here, it's time to find out what the trends are for this year! There are many online shops that have already launched their new collections and we must mention There you can find discounts of up to 70% in their different categories: clothes, shoes, accessories, luggage or cosmetics, among others.

Now, let's take a look at the 6 fashion trends for this season.

1. Mini skirts

The mini skirt has appeared among the proposals for this 2022 and it has arrived in its purest version: very short. It is a plea for hedonism that cannot be ignored.

Almost all the brands have included mini skirts in their fashion shows, but Prada and Miu Miu stand out above all. These companies have flaunted these skimpy measurements by placing the waistband at the hip, in an obvious nod to the style of the 2000s.

2. Vertical stripe print

Stripes are a print that is always in fashion. Of course, always vertical. It's a style that we already know is always stylish, either in its characteristic sailor-inspired blue colour or in any other shade, including the black and white mix.

This 2022, stripes are the print of the spring!

3. Handmade bags

This season's key accessory, basket style, crochet, handmade fabric… The good weather encourages us to give a break from the typical black handbag in our wardrobe and opt for some bohemian style designs.

4. Crop top

The new star piece of the season, perhaps in a kind of aesthetic rebellion against the days of confinement marked by sweatshirts and jogger trousers, is the crop top.

This season the trend is for garments with a sexy tone that invites you to show skin. Hence the triumphant return of pieces like the mini skirt and the crop top.

5. Traditional and pastel colour block

The two predominant palettes this spring-summer 2022 are opposite in their intention: while the more vibrant and saturated one aims to set itself up as a visual revulsive, as an aesthetic remedy against apathy and uncertainty, the second one aims to calm, to bring a certain sense of well-being that, curiously enough, can also have the same energising effect as the previous one.

In one, fuchsia pinks and oranges stand out; in the other, lilacs, light blues, yellows and pale greens. So, what do they have in common? The way they are used.

6. White colour

Yes, it is true that most of the spring-summer 2022 outfits appear in various shades, playing with sometimes risky chromatic combinations. However, the resounding exception are the head-to-toe white looks, which lead to familiar and safe territories.

The thing about these 'total looks' is that they redirect the focus to textures and patterns; an absence of colour that allows other formal features to shine through, as with grisaille.

7. Fringes

If we have to talk about fun and enjoyment in fashion, we have to mention fringes. They are one of the oldest ornaments in the history of fashion and clothing (they can be traced back to Mesopotamia) but also one of the most recently used.

They have been very present in winter and, due to their success, they will continue to be so in summer.