“Cuoio” by Matteograssi, designed by Stefano Grassi

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There are scents and images that walk us through our lives, they shape us and define who we become.

Stefano Grassi grew up in the family factory, his activity as a designer is strictly bound to the smell of coach hide and to the images of leather processing, a field where Matteograssi is well-known as a worldwide leader.

During the last edition of Salone del Mobile held in Milan, Stefano Grassi has come across the perfect way of expressing, through his collections, the true material and structural value of coach hide, speculating with forms and managing to defuse the severity of such a prestigious and graceful material.

That is how the collection “Cuoio”comes to life, declined into the variants Sir and Lady and T-Cuoio low tables. A unique collection where the coach hide  assumes the function of a case: a cradle that harbours the sitting without having to employ the use of an additional material. A brand new Innovation for Matteograssi, is the chance to choose between leather and fabric covering, demonstrating how according to the kind of environment it is possible to combine leather with linen and any other natural fabric of exceptional making.

If Sir can be considered a modern and elegant revisiting of the traditional sofa, Lady can only embody its most romantic version: a luxury lair to share moments of relaxation and comfort. Traditional techniques and deep knowledge of materials find in Stefano Grassi’s collection a vehicle

to testify once again the quality and professionalism of a company – Matteograssi – which has always promoted perfection values, quality and ability to find, in a bygone and ,if we want to, mainstream material, resources to conceive, experiment and provide a brand new design of unmatched charm.

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